UNBC YND to host Vander Zalm.

Hello New Democrats.

This thursday we will be having a club meeting to talk about a VERY important event happening this week.
When: Thursday, March 11th
Time:  6:00 p.m.
Where: One of the small meeting rooms in NUSC.

Meeting Agenda:
-Bill Vander Zalm at UNBC
-Ministry of Environment Air Quality

Here is the quick lowdown on the event:
PRINCE GEORGE – The UNBC Young New Democrats will be hosting former B.C. Premier Bill Vander Zalm this Friday (12th) at UNBC  in Room 7-238, 7:00p.m. Vander Zalm is on his provincial wide campaign to raise awareness of the citizen initiative petition he has launched against the HST. This is a historic opportunity for the people of B.C. to finally use initiative legislation to undo an action of the government.

I hope to see you at both events
-Jonathan Van Barneveld


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