People Protesting Prorogation.

Saturday, 23 January 2010
11:00 – 11:45
1584 7th Ave (7th and Victoria in general)

January 23 is a National Day of Action with rallies and protests happening in dozens of cities all across the country. Canadians are angry and feel that Stephen Harper is abusing his power to help his government evade the power and scrutiny of our parliament. So stand with your fellow Canadians, be seen and heard, show that you care about democracy.

*The Issue*
Proroguing means:

1. All 37 bills being debated in Parliament are thrown in the trash. Discussion on bills starts from scratch in March, wasting months of hard work by all parties. These bills included new crime legislation, limits on credit card insurance rates, etc.
2. Committees investigating accusations of torture of Afghan detainees stop working
3. Discussions and decisions about the pension crisis affecting Canada’s seniors stops
4. Questions about Canada’s inaction at the Copenhagen climate-change summit are silenced. Opportunities to move forward with Canada’s plan for sustainable development are stalled for over a month.
5. Your MPs cannot raise your concerns in Ottawa


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