Winter Events.

Hello New Democrats.

At our last meeting we made some great breakthroughs and have many important events coming up soon!

1) HST Public Forum.

– January 15th

6:00 p.m.

– Room 7-158

– MLA’s in attendance.

– After this event, there will be a couple of tables reserved for the NDP and YND at the College Heights Pub. This will give an opportunity for students to sit around and meet some MLA’s, ask them questions and get to know them in a relaxing atmosphere. There is no cost to attend either event.

2) Blood Drive set up.

– January 19th

7:00 p.m.

– NUGSS Board room

– The YND and the Young Liberals on campus will be holding a blood drive towards the end of March. This meeting on Jan 19th is for the Canadian Blood Services to educate us on the specifics and health information. This info session is MANDATORY for people in the clubs who wish to participate in organizing and sitting at tables in the agora. Is is important that all of you show up.

– Tables will be set up in the week preceding and after reading week.

3) NDP Beer & Wine Tasting Fundraiser.

– January 21st

6:00 p.m.

The Twisted Cork 1157 5th Ave

– Tickets are $40 each. (If you cannot afford it and would like to attend, please call the number below)

– Come join BC New Democrat MLAs Robin Austin, Gary Coons, Doug Donaldson & Bob Simpson at the Twisted Cork for a fun get together and a Wine & Beer Tasting. For Tickets & Information, call 250-962-2020.

4) YND tables and Clubs Days.

– General Days: January 18th- 22nd.

Official Clubs Days: January 20th & 21st.

– We have just receive many new materials from the Federal and Provincial NDP. The big focus federally it Youth Unemployment, and Provincially the main battle is the HST.

– We will need people to sit at the tables for the official clubs days and help out occasionally for the other days in that week.

5) Club Elections.

– Nomination period is now open.

– Election will be held at first club meeting in February.

Anyone who is part of the club may be a candidate for any position on the club executive.

– All incumbents need to restate their wish to be a candidate for their current position or a different one.

– If you wish to run for a position please e-mail me at or let me now in person.

This semester is going to be a BLAST !

– Jonathan Van Barneveld


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