Important Meeting.

The UNBC Young New Democrats will be holding a very important meeting this week. The meeting will be held on Tuesday (Feb 1st). 

TUESDAY (Feb 1st)
…6:30 pm
Medium board room in NUSC student building.

Preliminary items on the agenda are:

– Planning New Events
– Pre-Federal election roundup and planning
– Discussion on Provincial events and leadership race and direction
– There will be numerous people on the executive who will be graduating or leaving.
– Virtually any position is up for grabs: President, Vice-Pres, Treasurer, Secretary, member at large.
– Now is a perfect opportunity to show your support and get involved.

Sorry for the short notice
** If you are interested in a position on the club executive and are not able to make the meeting, please reply to this email with your name and desired position.

Hope to see you all there,


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Beer and a Burger with Jack & Lois

The UNBC Young New Democrats will be hosting Jack Layton and Prince George-Peace River nominee Lois Boone for a casual meet & greet at the Thirsty Moose pub at the UNBC campus. Come socialize with Jack and Lois around a beer and a burger this coming Monday (November, 8th)

Details: Monday, Nov 8th

7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

There is NO entrance fee.

Hope to see you all there, -Jonathan Van Barneveld, UNBC YND President

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Presidential Dinner with Moe Sihota.

Come join BC New Democrat President Moe Sihota at the Columbus Community Centre for a fun dinner, Bhangra Dancers, an auction, and a get together.

When:  06 November · 18:00 – 21:00


  Columbus Community Centre

7201 Domano Blvd
Prince George, BC

Cost:  Tickets are $50 ($20 for Students).

You will also be able to get a tax credit on part of the cost. For Tickets & Information, email or call 250-962-2020, 250-614-4625, or 250-563-9999.

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First Meeting of 2010 Academic Year.

Hey folks.

We will be having our belated first meeting next week.

WEDNESDAY, October 6th
5:30 P.m.
Rm: 6-397

On the agenda thus far will be:
– introductions
– summer report
– year event planning

Hope to see you all there.

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UNBC YND to host Carole James

Welcome back for a new academic year.

To jump start the year we have Carole James attending clubs day on September 15th. She will be at our booth at 10:00 a.m. This provides everyone a great opportunity to meet the BCNDP leader and join the UNBC YND.

At 11:30 we will be holding a round table discussion with Carole to talk about post-secondary education in the NUSC building.

There is also be a buffet dinner at the Twisted Cork on the 15th with Carole, tickets are 25$ or 15$ for students. Dinner runs from 6-8 p.m. Contact 250.962.2020 or 250.614.4625 for more information.

I hope to see you all there!

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UNBC YND to host Vander Zalm.

Hello New Democrats.

This thursday we will be having a club meeting to talk about a VERY important event happening this week.
When: Thursday, March 11th
Time:  6:00 p.m.
Where: One of the small meeting rooms in NUSC.

Meeting Agenda:
-Bill Vander Zalm at UNBC
-Ministry of Environment Air Quality

Here is the quick lowdown on the event:
PRINCE GEORGE – The UNBC Young New Democrats will be hosting former B.C. Premier Bill Vander Zalm this Friday (12th) at UNBC  in Room 7-238, 7:00p.m. Vander Zalm is on his provincial wide campaign to raise awareness of the citizen initiative petition he has launched against the HST. This is a historic opportunity for the people of B.C. to finally use initiative legislation to undo an action of the government.

I hope to see you at both events
-Jonathan Van Barneveld

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Important Meeting.

Hello YND.

We have a very important meeting this THURSDAY 28th at 6:00 in room 6-348.


Club elections: We will be electing our new executive. If you are interested in being a candidate, please attend the meeting. Nomination period ends at this meeting. Positions available are presidential co-chairs, VP, Treasurer, Secretary & members at large.

Blood Drive talk and organization

Torch Relay activities

Political debates organization

Placard making.

Again, this meeting is VERY important, I will see you all there at:


6:00 pm

Room 6-348

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People Protesting Prorogation.

Saturday, 23 January 2010
11:00 – 11:45
1584 7th Ave (7th and Victoria in general)

January 23 is a National Day of Action with rallies and protests happening in dozens of cities all across the country. Canadians are angry and feel that Stephen Harper is abusing his power to help his government evade the power and scrutiny of our parliament. So stand with your fellow Canadians, be seen and heard, show that you care about democracy.

*The Issue*
Proroguing means:

1. All 37 bills being debated in Parliament are thrown in the trash. Discussion on bills starts from scratch in March, wasting months of hard work by all parties. These bills included new crime legislation, limits on credit card insurance rates, etc.
2. Committees investigating accusations of torture of Afghan detainees stop working
3. Discussions and decisions about the pension crisis affecting Canada’s seniors stops
4. Questions about Canada’s inaction at the Copenhagen climate-change summit are silenced. Opportunities to move forward with Canada’s plan for sustainable development are stalled for over a month.
5. Your MPs cannot raise your concerns in Ottawa

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Winter Events.

Hello New Democrats.

At our last meeting we made some great breakthroughs and have many important events coming up soon!

1) HST Public Forum.

– January 15th

6:00 p.m.

– Room 7-158

– MLA’s in attendance.

– After this event, there will be a couple of tables reserved for the NDP and YND at the College Heights Pub. This will give an opportunity for students to sit around and meet some MLA’s, ask them questions and get to know them in a relaxing atmosphere. There is no cost to attend either event.

2) Blood Drive set up.

– January 19th

7:00 p.m.

– NUGSS Board room

– The YND and the Young Liberals on campus will be holding a blood drive towards the end of March. This meeting on Jan 19th is for the Canadian Blood Services to educate us on the specifics and health information. This info session is MANDATORY for people in the clubs who wish to participate in organizing and sitting at tables in the agora. Is is important that all of you show up.

– Tables will be set up in the week preceding and after reading week.

3) NDP Beer & Wine Tasting Fundraiser.

– January 21st

6:00 p.m.

The Twisted Cork 1157 5th Ave

– Tickets are $40 each. (If you cannot afford it and would like to attend, please call the number below)

– Come join BC New Democrat MLAs Robin Austin, Gary Coons, Doug Donaldson & Bob Simpson at the Twisted Cork for a fun get together and a Wine & Beer Tasting. For Tickets & Information, call 250-962-2020.

4) YND tables and Clubs Days.

– General Days: January 18th- 22nd.

Official Clubs Days: January 20th & 21st.

– We have just receive many new materials from the Federal and Provincial NDP. The big focus federally it Youth Unemployment, and Provincially the main battle is the HST.

– We will need people to sit at the tables for the official clubs days and help out occasionally for the other days in that week.

5) Club Elections.

– Nomination period is now open.

– Election will be held at first club meeting in February.

Anyone who is part of the club may be a candidate for any position on the club executive.

– All incumbents need to restate their wish to be a candidate for their current position or a different one.

– If you wish to run for a position please e-mail me at or let me now in person.

This semester is going to be a BLAST !

– Jonathan Van Barneveld

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Winter Semster Kick-off! Thursday Jan 7th.

Hello New Democrats.

I hope your winter break was fun and relaxing, but now all the work begins.

We have an upcoming meeting and I will see you all there on:

@ 6:00 p.m.
in 6-348

Preliminary Agenda:

HST Public Forum (Jan 15th)
Blood Drive
Public Awareness Campaign
Liberal co-host events
Club Elections
New Democrat Policy

Let’s kick off this semester with a strong presence.

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